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CCSS Math Resources for Teachers

Math Websites for Teachers
Using Common Core State Standards

“Correct answers are essential...but they're part of the process, they're not the product.  The product is the math the kids walk away within their heads”... Phil Daro

The mathematical practice standards correlated to excerpts of mathematics

· Standard 1: Make Sense of problems and persevere in solving them -

· Standard 2: Reason abstractly and quantitatively -

· Standard 3: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others

· Standard 4: Model with mathematics -

· Standard 5: Use appropriate tools strategically

· Standard 6: Attend to precision

· Standard 7: Look for and make use of structure

· Standard 8: Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning

 (Thanks to my district for sending out this information to us to keep us abreast and up-to-date for math resources.)


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