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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Parent University is a great idea!

The Metro Nashville Public Schools started their school year the first week of August. Included in the beginning of school was a Saturday called "Parent University."

Picture representing Parent University

Parent University is just what it means. It is a celebration for parents to meet school district personnel, make relationships, learn from presenters on a variety of subjects - from Cyber-bullying to developing online portfolios, to navigating the difficult departments and personnel of a "central office."

Allowing the parents throughout the district access to ask questions, provide information, and help with materials and ideas for their children is a great way to build positive relationships at the beginning of the school year.   Some how, when you meet a school official at a Parent University setting one has a conversation that is relaxed and informational as opposed to meeting a parent frustrated and trying to find resources for their children.

It is a community wide efforts, with social resources, government resources, along with business and educational services all in one location and all with one purpose - to assist and equip parents to help children be even more successful.

Check out the Parent University website for ideas for your community.

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