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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The kids are back! Welcome "Scholars!"

While some parts of the country are still on Summer vacation, we are back in school and half-way through our first full week. 

Gosh how I missed my students and working with them. I knew I was longing to get back and see that spark of knowledge ignite into a full flame, but I didn't realize how much until at Open House I had such a rush talking with parents, getting knee hugs from returning students and meeting new students who weren't quite sure what Kindergarten was really all about. 

The wide-eyed look of awe as they walked past my room looking for their teacher was priceless. I have a picture of Mike Wazowski hanging next to my door with his hand raised high ready to be called upon to answer a question. Several wanted me to be their teacher because of Mike. They related to Mike. They want to be Mike.

The students in my room are called "Scholars" intentionally. That is what my dream is for each of them, to become "Scholars" in whatever they choose to do: be it a University, a trade school, a post high school career training -- whatever they can become they will need to be doing scholarly work. It is my desire to lead them, to inspire them, to coach them, and to move out of their way when necessary in order for them to keep the excitement and awe they felt on this first week of school for the rest of their life.

We are off to a great start and with passion, hard-work and the drive to excel they will each become "Mike" in their own way. We will all make it to see our dreams fulfilled and are hopes realized. We have written those hopes and dreams down. We review them daily, and don't let anyone or anything get it our way as we pursue our dreams and our achievements. 

Go Mike! 

"Knowledge must never be feared, 
wisdom must always be pursued, 
and excellence must be 
at the center of everything."

- Arthur Clawson, Founder, MU (Monster's University)