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Saturday, May 28, 2011

What would we do if....

A great story printed originally in the 

 Minneapolis Star Tribune, May 14, 1994
Virginia M. MacDonald

What would we do if...
"We Ran Our Football Teams
As We Do Our Classrooms"
       "We Ran Our Classrooms
As We Do Our Football Teams"

Look at the rest of the story and see if you think there might be a bit of a difference. 


Friday, May 20, 2011

Prezi -- a great way to do presentations!

Free for students and educators!   Visit to get a demo and to sign-up for using this great alternative in your classroom!!


Write Away is a great way to improve composition skills!

Write Away is a professional development project whose goal is to improve composition skills for grades 6-12 through a school-wide writing initiative based on the Four Square Writing Graphic Organizer developed by Judith S. and Evan Gould.  Writing using the Four Square Graphic Organizer is one of many initiatives for the Jefferson County Schools.  This organizer has proven to be extremely effective in helping our students to organize their thoughts for writing to a prompt in thirty-five minutes.  Teachers provide quality instruction and practice with the graphic organizer to enable students to produce a well-developed first draft of a five paragraph essay.

There are several Tennessee standards referrals as well as powerpoints created to help with the different types of writing.


Friday, May 6, 2011 as an alternative for students...  is a great search engine.

The great thing about this site if you use it instead of “Google” is the fact that it eliminates the sites that would be questionable for children to see. I also like that it has specific options (biographies, librarians, emerging learners, social studies, etc.).


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Googlio! A great way to archive...

Welcome to "Googlios" where free Google tools meet ePortfolios.  
This site is intended to be a collection of resources for those interested in using ePortfolios in Education. 
Watch the 2 minute Intro video here.   The link for the googlios is HERE.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A New Collection of websites that feature interactive white boards...

As part of our final exam we had to use a newly installed interactive white board as part of a lesson plan. This was great fun for those of us in the class and made me want one as a new teacher. Here are the websites that I thought were worthy of writing down the addresses to remember in the future.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we did in our class' final exam.   Way to go Prof. Whitaker - you rock!

1.  - a great collection of all types of interactive sites.
2. -- this was great for teaching money and change.
3. - a great standard for phonemic awareness and phonics -- a great standard.
4. -- has great age appropriate games that also teach.
5. -- has great information and will offer students a free account. Just use your college email address to sing-up.
6. - wow!  I'm addicted to this game and so are my students that I work with as a ParaPro... they can't wait until we get all of our work done so we can do this one on the big screen.
7. - a complete set of white board goodies that you can pick and choose from.

Remember, technology is a tool, not just a way to pass the time. Understand what the software or website is teaching the students and then use the tool to implement!

I think we all made "A's" on our finals for this class!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Summer Webinars from The Teacher Learning Community...

Wondering what to do this summer. Sure you may already have your PD credits filled, but what about learning something brand new -- something that you can REALLY use in your classroom.

The Teacher Learning Community has a great list of Summer Webinars that they are offering that are free!  Plus we all might just become better at integrating technology into our classrooms.

See you there!!



Sunday, May 1, 2011

Graphic Organizers!

Here's a complete list of great, printable and free Graphic Organizers for students to use as they learn!!